Remind via Text message

  • Today, all students have phones and the most commonly used service on it is texting, so reach out to them where they already are.
  • SMS has a 98% open rate in first 15 minutes, thus ensuring students never miss what you have to say.

Set it and forget it

  • Schedule multiple reminders, announcements and tasks for ther future, and make sure students never forget.

Easy setup

  • Create a class and get a code.
  • Let students text this code to your Ediffy number and receive updates.

Sent reminders log

  • Every reminder sent out is logged in your account for you to stay up to date about sms activity across all your classes at once.

Surpass DND

  • SMS gateway used is same as the one used by banks so timely and reliable delivery is emphasized upon.

Private and Safe

  • Students never get their teachers number.
  • Your data is backed up safely in the cloud.


We enable teachers to communicate and inform their students better, helping them stay organised. The idea that became Ediffy, was born out of the problems faced by us as students, always having to rely on the grapevine for announcements, time-tables, campus placement dates, getting important project information a tad too late and missing deadlines or simply forgetting them!

What better way to reach students than on a medium which is closest to their hearts and minds (even more than books during exams!) and from the most reliable source in the college, the teachers, and that too at a time it matters the most. Yes, the SMS (The text message has an open rate of 98% in the first 15 minutes throughout the year, compared to books which aren't opened until the last 4 days of the exam #truestory)

After months of wire framing and talking to teachers to understand the problems they face, we are proud to have come up with this ultra simple solution and high utility product for teachers and students alike. We are passionate and determined to bridge this gap by making communication easier for teachers and helping increase engagement and punctuality for students.