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A customized and reliable cloud based communication solution to increase your reachability to your students and streamline various activities in your institute

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Communication - We do one thing, and do it really well

Talk where they listen

Send messages securely to your groups of students, set reminders and the let Ediffy do the rest for you.

Bypass barriers & maintain privacy

Our Enterprise Mobile App allows you to very conveniently send notifications to your students who have downloaded the App. Additionally, to cater to students who do not possess smartphones, we use the best SMS gateways and our opt-in model allows you safely communicate with your students on the DND list without revealing your number to them. We use the highest levels of security and safety when maintaining your data with us.

Send custom messages

Customize your message for hundreds of students using data and fields that are specific to them with one click. Immensely useful in sending announcements like results and attendance.

Share documents

Upload and share documents (circulars, notes etc.) directly with your students via text message and let them view it on their Phone or PC.

Manage important activities

Ediffy helps Institutes manage activities such as placements, admissions, festivals and a whole lot more.

Student feedback log

Hear what your students want to say to you or are discussing amongst themselves. Respond and broadcast to all what you think is relevant.


How does Ediffy serve as the most reliable communication medium?
Through our in-depth research, we arrived at the conclusion students are the most active on their mobile phones. Thus, Ediffy is built in such a way that it reaches out to students directly on their mobile phones through a powerful combination of a Mobile App and SMS. Reaching out to students where they are most active is our principal target.
We built our solution from the ground up to focus on one critical problem – communication. We reaised ERPs and LMSs are complicated and we believe teachers are most productive when they focus on one thing - Teaching. Moreover, ERP implementation by admins of the institute present a huge challenge when lacking a strong medium for communication. Teachers were looking for something that just works and admins were looking at ways to promote adoption of processes deployed. That's how Ediffy was born.
Ediffy is designed as a tool that helps you handle communication challenges in multiple situations. Be it increasing visibility of in-house events at the institute or managing complex admissions and placement processes, it can handle it all. Alumni management, Festival/ Event Management and everyday admin communication – all become simplified through Ediffy.
Our aim through Ediffy is to provide the best possible user experience and functionality at the most affordable price-point. We understand the difficulties that educational institutions face in paying for technological services and thus we also provide these services at a highly affordable price with absolutely NO HIDDEN COSTS. Fill the "Contact Us" form and get in touch with us for a quote.
Ediffy benefits all major stakeholders in the education system. Students are better engaged and stay on track. Parents get a birds-eye view of their child’s performance. Institutes build a stronger brand image in the student and education ecosystem.
We already have an existing ERP/ LMS solution. Can we integrate it with Ediffy?
In most cases, Yes. Contact us for your custom requirements.


Number of live students using Ediffy: 60,000 and growing!

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