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A powerful communication tool to communicate with your students and their parents

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How does Ediffy work?

  • Teachers create a group with their preferred group code.
  • Students join the group using this group code.
  • They can now receive all the notifications containing textual and multimedia content sent out by the teachers of the institute.

Watch how ediffy solves your daily communication problems as a teacher.

Streamline all communication related activities of your Institute !

Ediffy offers a gamut of features to ensure end to end communication

Bypass regulatory barriers

Bypass DND filter and ensure guaranteed delivery.

Group management

Create student groups with no size limitations and interact with them.

Maintain complete privacy and security

No need to share your contact details . All the communication happens via the Ediffy number.

Carry your entire Institute with you

Eliminate the cumbersome process of collecting your student's details.Access them at the click of a button!.

Send customized messages

Customize your message and send it to multiple students at once. Immensely useful in sending notifications like results and attendance.


Conducts polls to gauge interest.

Multilingual support

Communicate with your students and parents in their preferred language.

Schedule notifications

Schedule your reminders and let Ediffy take care of the rest.

Send attachments

Upload and share content(notes,circulars etc) directly with your students.

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